A book related announcement!

We have exciting news & it is regarding our book club!

As y'all know, we are supporters of American Battlefield Trust, or ABT as we often refer to them. We've been wanting to find a way to do something for them BUT also do something for y'all as well just for all the support you've given us since we started this nerdy Civil War podcast back in August.

The number of you who have signed up for the book club is awesome! We are thrilled it was so well recieved & we are both looking forward to it. So, here's what we are going to do...

We are going to be away 3 of the titles from the book club this year: "Through The Heart Of Dixie", "Assassin's Accomplice" & "Retreat from Gettysburg". We wanted to do the first one too, which is "Black Iron Mercy", but we already know a lot of y'all have purchased it already and that didn't seem fair to do that...

So, how does it work? To enter this raffle we are having for these books, all you need to do is make a minimum $5.00 donation to American Battlefield Trust. That's it (just send us a screen cap as proof of your donation). The raffle, contest, draw, whatever you wanna call it on opens Saturday, January 9th and closes Friday, January 22. We will annouce the three winners on our Facebook Live on Saturday, January 23rd! And no, y'all don't need to show up to the Live to "claim" your prize.

If y'all have any questions, send us an email: info@civilwarbreakfastclub.com.

Anyway, so here's to putting some money towards battlefield preservation & winning a new book!

Have an awesome evening, y'all & thanks for all your support!

-Darin & Mare

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