CWBC Book Club

We had so much fun with the book club for 2021, we decided to bring it back for 2022 - this time with 5 books instead of 4. As y'all know, this isn't the traditional book club where we meet every so often to discuss the book as we read it. Each book will be assigned to a month. We'll read the book and at the end of that month, meet via Zoom to discuss it - possibly with the author joining us! Our books for 2022 are listed below along with the months we will be reading them. If you signed up last year, you're on our list for 2022 already. If you haven't signed up but would like to, send us an email: 


"Armistead & hancock"

By Tom McMillan



"Nameless & Faceless women of the civil war

By Lisa G Samia



"Meade at gettysburg"

By Dr. Kent Masterson Brown


"Wisconsin at antietam"

By Cal Schoonover



"the dim white light"

By Eric Schlehlein