Who are the Civil War nerds who do this? 


We are an American (Darin) & a Canadian (Mare) who (obvio) love the Civil War & studying it. If you've listened to the podcast, follow us on social media or been to our Facebook Lives, you know we enjoy beer too. Both of us have been into the Civil War for YEARS! Admittedly, Darin was more eastern theatre when we started & Mare more Western theatre but each of us has come to have a better appreciation & understanding of both over the last year. The podcast was created in August 2020 based on wanting to tell the story of the Civil War - not just the details of the battle but the people who fought & discuss who they were & humanize them. As we always say, they're not just dots on a map. We also wanted to show how connected the battles & people of the Civil War are. But we love to have fun with it too! We wanted to be down to earth & make this as if it's just two Civil War nerds discussing the Civil War over beers (most likely an IPA). In the last year, an amazing community has grown out of it & we want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us on our journey so far! If you ever want to reach out if you have an episode idea or just want to say hi, send us an email: info@civilwarbreakfastclub.com